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Northern Star

$129.99 Special Offer


The Northern Star is an innovative life-safety device with a patented directional guidance system.  The Northern Star is reliable, durable, waterproof, and shock-proof.  The device is driven by a powerful, rechargeable, lithium battery.  Designed by a firefighter, for firefighters, every feature is incredibly easy to use.

Provide yourself an additional level of personal protection - add the Northern Star to your gear today.  The Northern Star - Guiding You Home.

Product Features

  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Two Rechargeable Lithium Batteries with each purchase
  • Easy installation with a 3M two-sided adhesive
  • MSRP $149.99
  • Introductory Offer priced at $129.99
  • Additional discounts for bulk orders - call for details

Northern Star Dual Bank Charger


The Northern Star Dual Bank Charger charges up to two batteries at once.  One battery for your Northern Star and one back at the station ensures you are always ready for the next call.  Battery chargers sold separetly due to some departments ordering multiple Northern Star Units but only needing a handful of chargers.  Charger plugs into any standard USB port for convenient charging.

Product Features

  • 2x Battery Charging Capabilities
  • Designed specifically for the Northern Star lithium ion battery
  • Plugs into any standard USB port
  • MSRP $19.99