About Northern Star Fire LLC

Northern Star Fire LLC is a company started by Capt. Jeff Dykes in 2014. Dedicated to producing life safety devices, Capt. Dykes invented the company’s flagship product called the ‘Northern Star.’ Northern Star Fire is working with local engineers to produce the safest, most reliable directional guidance system in the fire service. When a firefighter installs the Northern Star inside their face piece, they are giving themselves an additional level of personal protection otherwise unavailable.

About The Northern Star

The Northern Star was designed to help firefighters maintain their orientation in environments with low visibility. Powered by a powerful rechargeable lithium battery, the Northern Star is essentially an 8 directional compass. The illumination of the ‘N’ signifies you are facing North. When the ‘S’ and ‘W’ are illuminated you are facing Southwest – it’s that easy.

Firefighters have enough to worry about when they roll up on a working fire; the Northern Star should not be an additional burden. That is why we equipped it with a programmable accelerometer; double-tap your mask to turn it on and leave your mask idle for 3 minutes to turn it off. Its just that easy!

A small gyroscope ensures that regardless of the firefighter’s position, the Northern Star will report the true magnetic heading. We used a high powered microprocessor that refreshes multiple times per second to ensure a smooth and responsive display. There is will be no delay in heading when a firefighter changes direction.

The Northern Star was designed with durability and reliability in mind – making the Northern Star waterproof, drop-shock tested, and temperature resistant. The Northern Star will be tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the highest quality of construction and reliability. All of this technology is packed into a small housing about the diameter of a US quarter and mounted to the inside of the SCBA face piece via a strong 3M backing product.

Installation is easy: determine where the Northern Star is best suited by the user, peal the protective sheath off the back of the housing, press and hold while the bonding agent secures the Northern Star to the lens. The firefighter now has an additional level of personal safety.

About Capt. Jeff Dykes

As a 20 year veteran of the fire service, Capt. Dykes is a certified instructor for the Wisconsin Technical College System, a NREMT paramedic, a member of the Level A Hazmat team, and has served as Local 487’s union president. Capt. Dykes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from UW-Parkside in addition to a Master degree in Career and Technical Education from UW-Stout. He specializes in the role of formal education within the fire service and runs a candidate recruitment program for 14 Wisconsin career fire departments (www.firedepartmenthiring.com).

Capt. Jeff Dykes resides in Eau Claire, WI with his wife and three kids. An avid hunter and fisherman, Capt. Dykes spends his free time on the water and in the woods. Additionally, Capt. Dykes helps coach the Regis High School baseball team as well as his son’s little league teams.

Capt. Jeff Dykes

Capt. Jeff Dykes

Owner, Northern Star Fire