The Northern Star

Allows firefighters to enhance their personal safety by maintaining their orientation in low visibility conditions.

The Northern Star was designed by firefighters for firefighters. With durability and reliability in mind, the Northern Star serves as a small 8-directional compass to guide firefighters in conditions with low visibility. Through the use of a accelerometer and magnetometer, a powerful lithium battery makes the Northern Star a firefighter-friendly device that adds a level of personal safety for our fire service personnel. Whether a firefighter needs to escape a dangerous environment or just needs to navigate to the ‘Bravo’ side of the structure, the Northern Star will help guide the firefighter.

“The U.S. Fire Service experiences on average 100 LODD deaths annually with thousands of others experiencing close calls and near misses. NIOSH reports disorientation as one of a firefighter’s most serious hazards while conducting aggressive interior firefighting operations. My Northern Star was designed to tackle the problem of disorientation, thus making the fire service safer by providing a level of safety that was previously unattainable.”

Jeff Dykes

Owner, Northern Star Fire

“The story behind Northern Star Fire has such meaning – that alone will make you interested in their product. Northern Star Fire has developed a small/affordable product that can save lives all throughout the world, not only in fire fighters but divers, hazmat, military and so on. This product while being first to market and with a small/simple design is revolutionary in its manner. I am proud and privileged to have worked with such a company.”

Luke Hanson

Executive Director, Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation (EDC)