How accurate is the Northern Star?

Funny you ask? Did you know that many of the compasses contained in Thermal Imagining Cameras are very inaccurate? We did! That is why we conducted extensive research to find the best technology available. We tested the Northern Star in hospitals, high rises, elevator shafts, sub-basements, and metal big box stores. We were astonished with its accuracy. We tested dozens of magnetometers to find the one that filters out man-made interference.

But, just to be sure, we built in technology that informs the user if the Northern Star interpreters outside interference. That’s right…the Northern Star will let you know if it picks up on outside interference so you know that it’s cardinal direction heading may be altered; allowing you to make the best decision possible for you and your crew members. That is technology at its best; all packed in a housing the size of a quarter.